Leave The Hat On: A DW community for Five/Ten fancies of all kinds!

Leave the Hat On
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A DW comm for Five/Ten fancies of all kinds!
Five is pretty. Ten is pretty. So why not put them together!

You may post:

Squees of Time Crash (with spoiler cuts please!)
Fanfic (with headers please!)
Icons, manips, and graphics of all kinds (large images and plentiful images behind a cut, if you please)
Anything to do with the Fifth Doctor and the Tenth Doctor!

Five/Ten does not need to be the pairing in any material posted, it can be slash, het, gen, it doesn't matter! As long as both characters are featured, in some way.

If you post anything that is considered spoilerific (use your own discretion), please put it behind a cut!

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Brilliant header by the brilliant pictureplaces!

The name of this community came from a brilliant suggestion by veta_black, on a tangent of awesomeness over at dw_slash.

Any questions, or if you are interested in affiliating with us, email me at igotdancingfever(at)gmail(dot)com!
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